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Another Satisfied Customer:

David is a Financial Agent, and helps people create financial certainty. 

He also has a passion for natural health and the prevention of disease. He holds certifications as a health coach and raw food chef. He and his wife live in California. Over 30 years ago David transformed his life from being a sugar-holic to what some refer to back then as a 'health nut'. David has always known of the proven power of enzymes and enzyme-rich food, and a long-standing supporter of probiotic supplementation.

Two Secret and Vital Components of Youthfulness:

"When it comes to youthfulness, two secret and vital components are having a body brimming with the life force of enzyme activity and maintaining a clean intestinal tract full of active, friendly bacteria.

Enzymes are our life force, the catalysts that make things happen. They are the body’s biochemical workers responsible for thousands of functions in the body. They are the spark plugs of youthfulness and essential for digestion, cellular energy, tissue and organ repair, and brain activity.

However, due to the Standard American "Aging" diet and stress, most people between the ages of 20 and 40 exhaust much of their enzyme potential and experience signs of aging, sickness, and develop chronic diseases. Society calls it the aging process, but I call it choice and lifestyle.

Many experience inflammation, sluggish bowels, compromised intestinal tracts, and an overgrowth of bad bacteria.

Yet, there is GOOD NEWS! We can choose to replenish and re-establish the lost life force of energy within us with proper diet and wise supplementation.

I support my youthfulness and continual well-being by consuming probiotics containing "live", healthy bacteria, and "active" enzymes, that target both digestive and metabolic functions of the body.

No matter what your age is, or your current state, you can empower yourself, transform your life, and experience the wonder of health.

With PuraDyme enzymes and probiotics you know you have products that are effective and do the job."

David Cooley