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Posted by PuraDyme on June 14th, 2014


One man’s struggle with food, love, & addictions

David Gaynor WalkingRawIf you asked David, he would tell you this journey he’s on right now started 95 days ago. But, the truth is it started a long time before then. His entire past lead him to this point. A life of addiction and affliction simply culminated a few short days ago. Before then it was drugs, alcohol and food. Anything to self medicate, to forget for a moment, to break away from the memories. But it’s something each and every one of us does. Although some can hide better, or their secrets can stay secrets for longer. What sets each one of us apart is what happens when you reach that moment.

Being in a state of turmoil both physically and spiritually, he arrived at that moment when he came to that crushing reality that his life had to change. Sitting at home surrounded by family, children and loved aunts and uncles he realized that his health was in trouble. Not just a cough or cold that he could shrug off in a day or week. No, in his case it was a tumor. More serious than he ever imagined. The thoughts that would have swam in his head as he looked around and started to imagine the heartbreaking reality. What would happen to his loved ones if he wasn’t there? Who would kiss his kids to bed at night? who would cuddle his wife during scary movies, or have friendly banter with his siblings and dad in a fierce game of volleyball? The worst part was that in his heart – he knew he could do better.

For all of us it takes that moment – that light switch turning on. A moment of self realization that YOU are worth the effort to change and get better. YOU are worth the discomfort of change. Because YOU are loved. It doesn’t ever matter how much the people around you want to help you change, if you don’t believe you are worth the time and effort you won’t put the time and effort into your own life.

shutterstock_124634233_SmallThen it happened for David, He started WalkingRaw.

He reached that moment. He looked around his heart full of love and knew. He knew he had to make this change because of LOVE. If you ask him – that’s what he’ll tell you. That’s why David says his path started 95 days ago. This is when his heart opened and he started WalkingRaw.

It’s absolutely incredible to witness something like this happen. When someone right in front of you goes through this. When faced with death and destruction choosing light — choosing LIFE. It means all the more when it comes from someone within your own family – in this case from the PuraDyme family itself. Knowing that David was finally willing and ready to walk a path of healing spiritually and physically those at PuraDyme felt that they would do whatever they could to help him in any way. Lou Corona himself has been guiding David on a strict regime of raw and living foods that will focus on healing and regenerating from the tumor. Beyond that, PuraDyme has been supplying David with Enzymes and Probiotics to speed up and aid in the recovery process.

Helping someone, anyone, with a healing journey is truly a blessing in itself.

It is all the more special when it’s done with love for someone you love. For that, all from PuraDyme wish David all the best on his journey, and look forward to his updates as he beats this tumor OUT of his body and regains wholeness of body and spirit.

Exciting News for this father of four!

On Day 76, David received word back from his Doctor, that he Tumor has reduced by a minimum of 30%, The doctor and his family are very excited by his progress and results!
David is video blogging his journey using the theme of WalkingRaw, and we encourage you to follow along on our blog, Click here to view his posts

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With Love
the PuraDyme Team