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I recently discovered PURADYME products and love using them.

Over the years, I have recommended a few products to clients, students and friends.   Flower Essence Service, or Young Living Oils, for example.    I can count on one hand the products which I like well enough to endorse and feel their products and philosophy are in alignment with Energy ALIVE.    Lou Corona's plant-based enzymes and probiotics are now on this list.  

If you would like to explore how these high quality Enzymes and Probiotics can help you feel better, simply scroll down to the products page (at the bottom of this page) and look at their offerings.   Let your intuition and your common sense guide you.    

If you decide to order something, you can either order your products directly or email/call me and I can order for you.    The benefit of having me order for you is that I can combine several people's orders into one shipping (saving you $8 extra in shipping).

Call me if you have questions.    Why not let yourself explore how these can help you?   My contact info is shown below.






 Henri Rand Furgiuele        (pronounced:   HEN-ree     RAND    FUR-jewel)

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