If you are interested in finding out more about CrossFit Flathead located in the beautiful Flathead Valley and want see our training facility you can drop in anytime or call us and talk with Coach Buford at 406-755-9348 or 406-261-7124. or email him at: We will spend as much time as we need discovering your health and fitness needs and goals. We are more than a gym we are a full personal training facility acheived in a class atmosphere and love to help people in all areas of their lives..


Our aim is to answer every one of your questions about CrossFit Flathead's training methods, classes, our training facility and community of people.

We can assist you with setting up a free health consultation with PuraDyme as well. Sharing great ways to improve your diet, including recipes and juices.


You will learn the proper techniques of functional movement so as to avoid the every day mistakes that can cause injury. Our goal is that you understand how to control our body and apply simple functional movement techniques to become a little stronger everyday.  We will  make sure that you have the best fitness experience possible.


You will be given a new way of “Eating Fresh” to fuel your body properly so you get the results you are truly looking for. We believe that “We are what we eat” is a very true statement and how we fuel our body is first major step in true fitness. You can be active your whole life but if you do not fuel it properly you will not achieve the health and fitness you are looking for.


Coach Buford works to ensure that all muscle groups are properly represented by progamming the workouts to achive the results and ensure that you receive the most benefits for time spent all while having fun doing it. CrossFit Flathead has seven class times throughout the day to choose from to accommodate everyones schedule. 


Everyone enjoys being a part of a TEAM, at a typical gym you are on your own but at CrossFit Flathead we are a team or community of all ages, ranging from early teens to 70 plus. Never to young or to old to learn different ways to improve our overall daily lives.


You can learn more by visiting our other websites as well....

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