Ellen Cotten

Holistic Health Coach

A few years ago my naturopathic doctor told me I had a candida overgrowth.

At the time I didn't know anything about candida or how to stop it.

My diet consisted of processed foods, sugar, alcohol, etc. All of which worsened my condition.

I felt constantly bloated, low energy, fatigued, anxious and depressed.

The desire to rid these unwanted symptoms led me to a raw, livings foods diet and Puradyme products.

Through living foods, juicing, probiotics and enzymes I was able to begin the detoxification process and began to heal my gut imbalance.

Slowly but surely my symptoms began to fade and life was brought back into me!

I am passionate to use my experiences and knowledge to inspire, support and guide people to become healthy, vibrant and alive!

I am still on my journey to healing but by using these products I am creating a healthier environment in my body day by day.

Health isn't about the destination, it's about the journey.


About me

My favorite products 

Herbal Blood: 

Herbal Blood is a parasite, fungi and yeast cleanse. This formula packs a powerful punch! Some of the main ingredients include clove, wormwood, turmeric, garlic and black walnut. Herbal Blood also containes enzymes to help rid the body of die off and toxic waste. This blend played an essential role in helping rid my body of candida. It is super potent and if taken with a mostly raw diet full of green juices and bitter herbs you will see amazing results. 


Many of us who struggle with candida or other imbalances have a sluggish digestive system as a result. LiyfZyme are digestive enzymes that not only help break down food but also build up your body's natural storage of enzymes. Cooked food destroys the natural enzymes in food leaving your body continually pulling from your its natural storage leaving you depleated or on empty. The key to health is to have food assimilated and eliminated quickly. Undigested food in the body begins to ferment and putrify, opening up space for parasites, candida and other bad bacteria to feed off of these foods and colonize in your colon.


This is my favorite probiotic! LiyfBiotic is the powdered probiotic. I love the powder because I can add it to water, juice or in recipes. I have a great 3 ingredient probiotic hemp yogurt recipe on my website (ellenorganic.com) where I use LiyfBiotic to make the yogurt come alive! Adding healthy bacteria is essential in rehabilitating gut health. Many of us have had a round of antibiotics in our life time. It takes atleast 2 years to fully restore our gut health after antibiotics. 
There are many probitocs on the market but LiyfBiotic is pure, potent and every batch is prayed over. Adding probiotics to our daily regime is essential to regain a balance in our gut and cultivate health. 

Gut health is brain health!
It is so important to make sure our guts are cleaned out of overgrowths, parasites, bacteria, candida, etc. We must rid the bad microbes that overrun our guts and replace it with healthy bacterias to regain the natural balance. If you have poor gut health it will not only affect you physically but mentally as well. If you suffer from cravings, anxiety, fatigue, foggy brain or depression it may be a result of a gut imbalance. Our guts have been called our second brain. The state of our gut directly affects our brain and outlook on life. I love these 3 products above and they have been essential in regaining my gut health!