About me

From the inside out

Hello everyone! My name is Sylvia Dreiser Farnsworth

What I learned so far from life is  that the inside is determining the outside. If my inside is clear and serene and joyful, also my "outside", my body, will reflect this. 


Since 1983 I work as Mind-Body Coach, helping people to find back to a peace of mind and to an equilibrium of their body. Here is my bio. Besides of working as a Life Coach and Coach of The Work of Byron Katie, I am also the founder of a holistic Rebounding method called QiBounding and I train people in Rebounding Online Classes and offer a Rebounding Instructor Certification Program. 


From a physical perspective of the body, clearing the inside is clearing our digestive system and giving the body the building blogs it needs. I am so very grateful to have met Lou Corona many years ago. We became good friends and mutually support each others work. Lou is an amazing being and his dedication to serving people is unmatched. When he introduced me to Pyradyme, I knew that my search for the right supplements was over. I had found the purest and most effective resource. This is why I take Pyradyme products myself and why I recommend them to my clients.