4 Principles

Our strategy to achieve
and maintain vibrant health.


Cellular Communication is where we have Optimal Mind / Body / Spirit Communication. It allows heightened communication between all the cells in the body!


Cellular environment is simply incorporating nature’s four elements into our lives (Sun, Air, Water & Earth) to establish a good cellular environment for health on a daily basis!


Cellular Exercise is an extremely important form of exercise that detoxifies the cells of the toxins that have gotten stored in them and also energizes the cells.


Cellular Nutrition is grounded in supplying every cell of our bodies with enzymes. This creates a radiant, healthy, and joyful life mentally, emotionally and physically!

PuraDyme’s programs are designed around normal use of nutritional supplements, your health care provider may increase or decease dosage based on your condition or requirements.




Read some shared stories

Transformed!  I’m 55 years young and was raised on sugar coated cereals, pasteurized milk, white bread, meats, candy, potato chips with dinner being the most nutritious meal. I had 7 mercury/silver fillings installed growing up. Then at the age of 15.5 I had 2 additional large mercury fillings put into my teeth. The result of […]

— Stephen Heuer

Inspired in the UK!  Hi…I just want to thank Lou for coming over to the UK this last weekend to come do his workshop. It was a mind blowing day,even though I am familiar with his teachings,to actually meet Lou in person and hug him was overwhelming! My girlfriend and I are so inspired, i’m […]

— Lyall & Rhiannon

A Special Pur Thank You!  I got really sick during my last pregnancy and the prenatal vitamins were only making that sickness worse- I literally couldn’t keep them down. I was panicked about giving my baby proper nutrition. When I contacted the PuraDyme team about my concerns, they recommended that I take the Liyf Essentials […]

— Kristen

PuraDyme is a blessing It is a blessing to find that you want to help us to regenerate our bodies with these products. It makes easy on us not to count or weight or be afraid not doing the right decision. I wish you the best, I already shared your page with people that I […]

— Vivian Ochoa

Excellent products Excellent products, fantastic staff, and Lou Corona is always amazing and vibrant – such a great mentor!! I love LiyfZyme and take it before most meals (I eat raw living cultured and fermented foods!!) I love LiyfBiotic and make my nut and seed yogurts with it (healthy hearty and nutritious) and I’ve been […]

— Avinash Chainani

Do you Have a PuraDyme Experience? We would love to hear from you on how the the PuraDyme lifestyle has impacted your life, If we use your testimonial on our website you will receive a thank you gift from PuraDyme. Send your testimonial by using our contact us page.

— PuraDyme Team

PuraCleanse Well your products are really changing me, I am just taking puracleanse but its like when I eat something I actually have to go number 2 a while after I eat . Before I started taking the liyfzymes and puracleanse I d have to wait till next day to go . So its really […]

— Daniel L.

My family loves this enzyme! For me, a sufferer of chronic pain and fatigue from Lupus/RA, this is one of the most important supplements that I take. I eat a healthy, gluten-free and partially raw diet and take other supplements including fish oil and super-food. Without digestives, all of that is for nothing!!

I began taking birth control after having my third child. Within one month of taking “the pill,” I developed a massive breast lump in my left breast. I panicked and called the PuraDyme team and was placed on an enzyme program. I began taking LiyfZyme in large doses and within 3 days the mass was completely gone! I have continued taking the LiyfZyme in lesser quantities and the mass has not come back!

Just after my daughter’s 7th birthday, the doctors told us they suspected she had childhood asthma. She had what they called a “habitual cough.” She was given an inhaler, but after using it 6 times, she began having a bad reaction to it; she had insomnia, nightmares and panic attacks. I was familiar with Lou Corona and after doing some research, started giving my daughter LiyfZyme, Liyf Essentials, and LiyfBiotic.

— N.K.

Thank you for your warm compassionate way of presenting these principles. I felt a deep connection. I look forward to using the products here as I make this change and commitment for myself and those my life will touch.

— Charles

Upon trying [your] probiotics,enzymes, and now PuraCleanse, I immediately felt the purity in [your] products..... Please never change what [you] have here. I have always had issues with my digestion, and I have tried everything on the market. Yours works for me the way no other does. You have a loyal customer in me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what [you] love, and sharing [your] gift from God with others.

— Maria

Lou Corona is my HERO!! I have never met him, yet have the upmost respect in the short time of my recent discovery of him. :) I am interested in ordering some of the products but am not sure on which ones would best suit me at my current level of health. I would love to speak with someone if at all possible to help me choose!!!

— Jodie

From my experience, its the best enzymes I have come across so far. I love your products and want all my clients to use them **

— G.P

Love Lou's videos! He is an amazing person. I want to learn more about living foods but live so far away. Maybe I can catch him sometime at a festival or something where he is giving a presentation. I would like to learn more about his lifestyle.

— Daryl

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